Black Cat Show and New Single


We felt really bad about not updating our site for a month so to make it up to you, we're headlining a show at the Black Cat in Washington, DC on Saturday, March 3, hosted by Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie where we'll be joined by Teen Mom, Mittenfields, and Sam Cooper and the Sleepwalkers (I was trying to go for the record for number of links in a sentence there, and I'm pretty sure I just won).

While you recover from the awe and amazement you just felt being witness to my hyperlink overload, check out our newly released single, "Santo Domingo", which will be featured on our upcoming album (out sometime this Spring.)

We're offering the track as a download on our Bandcamp site, so you can put it on your Zune or whatever the hipsters are using these days.

Last but not least, the Black Cat show will be the first show for our new bassist/guitarist/man-bear Kevin Marimow.

- Sho