Based in a city known for stagnation and business as usual, Washington DC’s Drop Electric exists to break the mold. Drop Electric’s music is a manic barrage of soaring female vocals, distortion, tribal percussion, and electronic bleeps, controlled by structured, dynamic songwriting. Ramtin Arablouei, Neel Singh, Sho Fujiwara and Kristina Reznikov’s shared experiences as children of immigrant families contribute to an air of vague unfamiliarity in their music.

“Our songs have always come from a collection of accidents. It is a few people in a room playing instruments until something sounds good. So we decided to do what we always did. Don’t think. Just write,” explains the band’s drummer Ramtin Arablouei.

“Ideas usually come to me from a dark place. Many times the words are responding to the pressure of having to write an album worthy of lyrics and melodies,” muses Reznikov.

In 2013, the four members of Drop Electric sat down to record songs that would eventually become Waking Up to the Fire. The result is a bass heavy, electronic collection of songs. Like past Drop Electric releases, the songs on Waking Up to the Fire have a cinematic quality while Reznikov’s voice and lyrics convey a sense of desperation in an increasingly disconnected world.

Drop Electric’s new album Waking Up to the Fire is out October 22nd on Lefse Records.

“Beautiful video, very beautiful timelapse stuff and so I stayed… and they knocked me out. I’d seen Sigur Ros earlier in the week, we’d webcast that show, Sigur Ros is on my mind. Epic sounding instrumental band, with beautiful, beautiful vocals and here was Drop Electric, doing something sorta similar. “

- Bob Boilen, All Songs Considered (NPR)

“Drop Electric, at its finest, can make the sounds coming from your speakers feel vast and uncontainable. And by listening to it, for a short while you too can feel vast and uncontainable. So if that’s the effect of the recorded product, imagine the live Drop Electric experience. Can you really have a true sense of Drop Electric until your eyes, as well as your ears, have experienced them?”

- Nida Masiulis, DC Music Download




Ramtin Arablouei: Percussion
Neel Singh: Guitar/Bass
Sho Fujiwara: Guitar/Keys/Trumpet(?)
Kristina Reznikov: Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Navid Marvi: Guitar/Bass





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